Care and feeding of your Orchid

Your jewelry was formed by nature. It was difficult to make because of that. Please treat it a bit more gently than you do the rest of your jewelry. The petals are thin, and have thin connections to each other at the base. Argentium® sterling silver is a bit harder than standard sterling silver so it should resist scratches and tarnishing. It won't resist being tossed into a jewelry box with a lot of other stuff on top of it, or being stuffed in an overnight bag. Please keep it in the box it came in. It will make it easier to find! If your jewelry should tarnish(ocean-side, we have a ton of sulfur in the air from the ocean and the sprinkler water) you can remove the tarnish safely by dissolving some baking soda in warm water in an aluminum pan, or a bowl with aluminum foil in the bottom. Place the jewelry in the pan so it touches the aluminum. The tarnish will migrate to the aluminum, so a disposable pan is best, or just put aluminum foil in the bottom. The silver must touch the aluminum. This may take two or three times to get all the tarnish. A 20 second dip in Tarn-X followed by good rinsing with water works well also. Your orchid can then be placed in an oven at 100°C/212°F for two or three hours. This will allow the Argentium® to regenerate its protective coating of Germanium oxide.  Your orchid does not need to be polished, just de-tarnished maybe once a year.  The ceramic coated jewelry should not need any detarnishing at all.

What is Argentium® Sterling Silver?

Argentium® is a slightly more pure (by 1%) sterling silver that has a small amount of Germanium added to it. This addition provides an invisible protective coating that inhibits tarnishing. Tarnishing is caused by silver reacting with sulfur compounds to produce silver sulfide. Argentium® resists this reaction much better than standard sterling silver. This is different from silver plating that will wear off. It is part of the silver alloy.

Important care advice: As recommended for other precious metals, it is advisable to remove Argentium® silver jewelery before entering chlorinated or salt-water swimming baths/Jacuzzis and before carrying out practices where Argentium® could come into contact with chemicals.