Terms & Conditions

Our Guarantee
We guarantee these to be beautiful. We guarantee that each is unique, formed from an individual blossom. We guarantee them to be imperfect.
Our Non-Guarantee
There is no way to standardize the production of this jewelry. This may be the only jewelry that literally suffers from birth defects. The manufacturing process is sufficiently robust (nice word meaning 'harsh', in this case) that your orchid should stand up to normal usage. It is possible that internal imperfections in the original orchid may lead to problems in the future. A sharp edge might form. A petal might fall off. It is our desire that you stay as happy with your orchid as when you originally purchased it. If you have problems with it, please contact us. We will repair or replace your orchid for the cost of shipping, $7. We will need you to send us your orchid so we can evaluate what to do. The return shipping cost is on you. Please contact us by phone or email before returning your orchid. You should be aware that replacing something that is unique means only an approximation is possible.  In addition, we may be out of stock and not able to reproduce your one-of-a-kind orchid at all.  They are as robust as we can make them.

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Garden Of Silver Delights
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